The Importance Of Choosing A Record Player With A Good Tonearm

If you are a record player lover and you are actually knowledgeable when it comes to the little parts and details of each player, then you would be able to assess yourself whether the turntable parts are worth the money. This is important because it’s actually quite common for supposedly ‘high-end’ record players to use mediocre parts, but merely hike up the overall price for a more premium feel. Newcomers to the turntables scene would likely not know any better and be willing to fork out more money because they think the more you pay for the record player, the better it is.

crosley floral pink turntablePerformance-wise, you should also consider investing in a steady tonearm. I cannot stress this enough. The tonearm of a record player can make or break the music listening experience. If a tonearm isn’t stable enough, its consistency will run and this affects the music that’s produced at the end of it all. The rotation would not be as quiet or smooth as it should if you’ve skimped out on the tonearm quality. Likewise, you should consider investing in a high-end cartridge along with a quality stylus. This way, your records wouldn’t be scratched and deteriorate in quality as quickly. In fact, some of the best styli, in combination with the best cartridges, can ensure perfect reproduction of the original music along with ensuring that your records are perfectly maintained. The grooves would be treated gently.